Aspen Systems, Inc. (ASI) and its affiliates are a group of global technology companies serving numerous markets including the chemical, oil and gas, transportation, aerospace, apparel, and health care industries. ASI was established in 1984 to perform research and development, and engineering for government and private corporations for the purpose of developing high value-added new products. ASI has been a technology incubator, and has spun off new companies that have successfully developed technology and prepared it for commercial applications. Among the products supplied by ASI and its affiliates are custom refrigeration systems, heating and cooling equipment, high performance materials used in manufacturing, aerospace, and other industrial processes, health care items that fight disease and prolong life, and technologies that utilize fuel efficiently while protecting the environment.
Recent events have turned many investors in the direction of socially responsible corporations, those which act in the interest of society as a whole and those that protect the natural environment. Aspen Systems has long recognized that environmental factors have a huge impact on economic competitiveness and decision-making. For this reason, virtually every activity initiated at Aspen Systems has focused on energy-efficient technologies and environmental responsibility.
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Producers of personal cooling and heating technology to provide worker comfort in hot or cold environments, and thermoelectric fans and miniature cooling and heating systems for specialty applications.
Producers of small, lightweight rotary compressors that provide cooling solutions for a broad array of innovative new cooling products. Compact compressor designs and product durability enable a variety of mobile or portable cooling applications
Manufacturer of silica aerogels in flexible blankets reinforced with fibers. Aerogel blankets are used in a variety of applications for thermal insulation and noise attenuation.